....Mixtapes/ EPs....
Cut Down The Sun- The Single (A.P.S.) (2013)
Download at APSMusic.bandcamp.com

1.  Cut Down The Sun
2.  You Wreck Me (Tom Petty Cover)

Holy Water- The Single (A.P.S.) (2012)
Download at APSMusic.bandcamp.com

1.  Holy Water
2.  Epiphany (Staind Cover)

No (Love IV) Me- The Single (A.P.S.) (2012)
Download at APSMusic.bandcamp.com

1.  No (Love IV) Me
2.  Monster (Abandoned Pools Cover)

The Midnight Walk EP (2011) 

1. My Demons Need To Go For A Walk
2. Holy Water
3. Wasted
4. No (Love IV) Me
5. I Can't Wait

The Spring Break EP (2010)

1. Absurd
2. You Deserve To Be Fat
3. In The Name Of
4. One By One

Karaoke Night (2010)

1. (The Bar)
2. Karaoke Night ("California Love" Parody)
3. This Isn't Rock ("Let It Rock" Parody)
4. My First Rap Song (featuring The Legend of Xero) ("My 1st Single" Parody)
5. Spicy Chicken ("Chicken Huntin' (Slaughterhouse Remix)" Parody)
6. Autotune ("Robocop" Parody)
7. Homies (featuring Samantha Marie) (ICP Cover)
8. Werewolves Of London (Warren Zevon Cover)
9. You Wreck Me (Tom Petty Cover)
10. Fame (featuring Samantha Marie) ("Live Your Life" Parody)
11. Jesus Freak (dc Talk Cover)
12. City On Our Knees (tobyMac Cover)

Static In The Basement (2008)

2. Lately
3. Wounds
4. Love
5. (Nice Dream Cone)
6. Typical Stereo
7. No Pressure
8. This World (Love II)
9. The Eyes
10. Suicide Note
11. Never Going Back
12. Going Back (featuring Yungtown)
13. (Silence)
14. Happen

Good Life (A.P.S. featuring David Syck)


Sunshine (Matisyahu Cover)
Me Without You (tobyMac Cover)
Endings Don't Wait (Kresher featuring John D'Agostino)
Salvation (Steve Dresser Mix with Lounge Intro) (The Legend Of Xero featuring John D'Agostino)
From The Legend Of Xero's VS (verses)
Also features "My First Rap Song" from Karaoke Night (2010)

Unholy Triad (Kevin Max Cover)
Born Again (Newsboys Cover)
Beats To The Rhyme (Run-D.M.C. Cover)
Get Back Up (tobyMac Cover)

Hokus Pokus (ICP Cover)
Heroes (featuring Tim Bukowski) (David Bowie Cover)
Space Battle (featuring $kar)
Snakecharmer (featuring $kar)
Salvation (Never Been This Real) (The Legend Of Xero featuring John D'Agostino)
From The Legend Of Xero's Better Off EP

also featured on The Conquerors Official Soundtrack: Volume 1

Go (Trapped In My Head) (EKG featuring John D'Agostino)
From EKG's The House Call EP

Halloween In The Hood (featuring $kar)
Walking Up The Stairs (featuring Jon Jenk) ("Living On A Prayer" Parody)
Breaking Down (Samantha Marie featuring John D'Agostino on background vocals)
Lost Again (Peace Of Mind featuring John D'Agostino)
Life I Play (Samantha Marie featuring John D'Agostino)
Middle School*
Alive When I'm Dead
Flowers (Love III)
When I Grow*

The Gift* (ED featuring John D'Agostino)

Nothing At All (Knowlij featuring John D'Agostino)

....Broken Soldiers....
Cool Club (Screeching Weasel Cover)
First Time On The Frontline
All My Friends
Tied My Shoes
A New Beginning (2010 Vocals)

A New Beginning (2009 Vocals)
Symphony Of Andersen

Shoppin' (Cruisin' Parody)
Rising Sun